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Recruitment and Selection

We are focused on quality and delivery SPEED.

QUALITY: Our consultants are specialized by area of ​​activity . We meet the different demands , dedicating ourselves to each project or job in a customized manner . In addition , we have unique and innovative tools throughout the process, from hunting to the final feedback to the candidate.


SPEED: We work together to optimize the hunting process, aiming at quick and well-aimed solutions for closing the opening. In addition , we have a CRM system itself approaching customer and canditado directly and effectively.

Each case is treated as a new project. Our customers seek quality , not someone passing curricula. The extensive network of relationships we have built over the years also facilitates our access to the appropriate professional opportunity , after all, rely only on databases to perform their work does not bring the desired results, not to mention that they are out of date quickly.

All professionals presented to customers are interviewed individually by our consultants . We seek professional references from former colleagues , bosses or subordinates and set up a list of nominees within the profile of the opportunity. Once sent to the client , we discuss together one by one the list of profiles and interviews we set up the agenda. About 90 % of our cases are closed in this first list.

Recruitment and Selection Candidates
Mapping Candidates
Research of Positions and Salaries
Outsourcing of Middle and Top Management Professionals to Projects
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